Executive Coaching

We have coached leaders at the highest level of organizations in the US (for Fortune 15 CEOs and presidents, major non-profits and faith-based organizations, and in the U.S. military). We offer wisdom borne of many years working with many types of organizations and all all levels. We can help you and your team clarify your purpose, mission, and values, and from there make the tough decisions needed to meet the team’s mission.

Our approach to coaching can be found in this TEDx talk by Theodore Ryan.

Change management

Culture eats strategy for lunch. How do you integrate a new strategy and align your organization’s culture and politics behind it?

So often “get real” thinking shames teams into a limited scan of the environment: the spreadsheet or SWOT analysis. Teams are often not equipped to evaluate the gifts and deficits of the humans in the room. Our team’s deep ability to understand the human factor delivers results and competitive strength to our clients.


Are you staring at a revenue cliff? Let our expert innovation team help your team rise to a new level. We have taught innovation to executives on five continents in ways that foster the best of the human spirit.

We conduct:

  • Organizational audits
  • Custom coaching programs
  • Train-the-trainer materials
  • Innovation mentoring programs
  • Fun workshops to build innovation culture
  • Employee evaluation for innovation assignments

Building Cultures of Ethical Leadership

Good things can happen in high-trust, high-ethics environments. How do you make that a reality for your workplace so that you attract top talent, reduce workplace drama and crises, and avoid expensive scandals and the even greater cost of the low trust environment?

Our team can help your organization:

  • Clarify your real values, mission, and purpose.
  • Calibrate the gap between real and espoused values
  • Design practical processes for clarifying and modeling ethical behavior
  • Train managers to identify the critical path to developing a high-trust culture
  • Executive coaching for ethical impact.

Hiring: Select for Success

You have nine candidates who look exactly the same on paper. Which candidate is the true diamond? How do you decide?

Theodore Ryan developed the hiring practices of major international banks and consulting practices. His program, Select for Success, revolutionized hiring. It is currently taught at Duke University’s masters in engineering management program.

Navigating Major Crises

Communication is complex. Do you communicate in a crisis?

We support teams and individuals experiencing major crises. We are experienced with how overwhelming events impact humans and how to handle such operations at the highest level. Our team has helped with programs ranging from handling all crisis communication for the Powers report in the Enron crisis, a major transition at Central Park of New York City, numerous transitions with mergers and acquisitions, supporting people in (actual) battle, and at all stages of an organization’s and a person’s life.

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